How working together might look

I offer in-person, online and telephone counselling, which each with their own benefits.

However, online and phone counselling have their own merits, and it's absolutely possible to build a strong therapeutic relationship through these ways of working as well.

Aside from the current context of Covid, there are various reasons you might not be able to travel to sessions or choose to have them remotely.

Doing therapy from the comfort of your own home and cutting out commuting time, can save money and stress. If you’re immuno-compromised or have access needs that make commuting challenging or anxiety-provoking, or caring or work responsibilities that make scheduling difficult, perhaps a remote option would be better for you.

Sharing a physical space together can make in-person counselling feel the most connected and engaged. It also enables us to pick up on non-verbal communication and use certain creative and interactive methods that are harder to use online or over the phone. You may also prefer to have a separation between home or work space and counselling space.

Counselling can be rewarding and liberating but at times also challenging. So, whether in-person, online, or over the phone, I’d encourage anyone starting therapy to think about what environment will help them get the best out of counselling, as well as which is the most practical to enable them to fully commit to it.

At the moment, all sessions are being offered remotely. In-person sessions will resume when it's safe to do so and in line with government guidance.