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Counselling & Psychotherapy

London | Online


Thinking actively and deeply about the issues and experiences that affect you can help you gain a deeper understanding about yourself and how you relate to people and life events.


Whether this is with unknown feelings, aspects of your identity, or unhealed trauma, connecting with yourself and others is an important step to processing and moving forward.


Vitality is one’s capacity for continuation of a meaningful existence. It’s the strength to live, grow, or brighten – this is what therapy can empower you to get back.


My name is Michele (she/her) and I'm a Pluralistic therapist. This is a type of integrative therapy based on the belief that no one therapeutic approach can address all client issues. This approach recognises that different tools, interventions and ways of working will work for different clients at different times, including during the course of therapy. I draw from a variety of approaches depending on the client, and place strong emphasis on getting to know your preferences to find a way of working that resonates with you. I trust and value your lived experience and the understanding you make of it. I'll make space to explore what helps you feel safe,  and what I can do or not do that would help you feel able to engage with therapy fully.


Whether you want to talk about a long-standing problem or a newer one, or maybe generally feel something isn’t quite right, I endeavour to provide a supportive space to help you find your inner resilience, make sense of the impact your experiences and life events have had, and possibly still have, on your life, and consider ways to move forward.


I offer counselling in-person in North London and online via Zoom. Sessions will last for 50 minutes and take place once a week on the same day at the same time.